Do You Know These Things About Hair Transplant Aftercare?

We need to understand that a transplant surgery performed to grow hair back on a bald head again is a major medical procedure that needs to be done by an experienced surgeon at a renowned clinic.

There are multiple things that we need to take care of before and after any surgical procedure. In hair transplant treatment, aftercare process is quite crucial for any patient. So, let’s discuss a few important things connected with FUT (follicular unit transplant) surgery aftercare process.

Hair transplant aftercare is a vital topic that the patients who had a surgery must know and follow without any error.

Every single patient who had a transplant surgery by utilising a strip method, then for the most part it will leave the clinic with a bandage tied to his/her head. However, we need to keep in mind that the bandage is utilised just to help the recently closed donor area on the back of the scalp.

Patients are given medicines to manage the pain for the initial couple of days after the treatment. The main night after transplant surgery, you need to be extra cautious and don’t rub or scratch the transplanted region. It is suggested that all patients relax for the first few days and stay away from overwhelming physical activities.

Patients have to return for doctor assessment and hair wash the day after surgical operation. Amid this first visit, the bandage is expelled and donor area cuts and the transplanted area are evaluated. The donor and beneficiary regions should be washed properly while instructing the patient how to wash it at home on day two to four after restoration procedure.

After the surgery, hair wash should be done twice every day with a special strategy to limit the likelihood of dislodging the unions/grafts. Many patients often inquire as to whether they can skip washing hair inside the initial couple of days to abstain from harming the unions. The appropriate response is absolutely not. Hair wash is an important step in hair transplant care that ensures the usual development of the transplanted hair follicular grafts/unions.

After a hair transplant, surgeons recommend a couple of limitations in patient’s physical activities. A few clinics suggest exceptionally strict guidelines for physical exercises. It is better that patient keeps his ordinary, everyday exercises with some minor restrictions.

The exercises that add pressure on the operated area edges at the donor zone need to be avoided for the initial month after surgery. Some of those exercises are:

Heavy weightlifting
Excess bending of the neck.

The top hair transplant surgeons recommend that patients should stay away from direct sun exposure to the beneficiary area for around a half year after FUT (follicular unit transplant) surgery. Grafts/unions may get damaged because of direct and extreme sun exposure.

Provillus Reviews: Is It Truly A Natural Hair Regrowth Formula?

Provillus is a relatively new product that is claimed to be the best, most effective and completely natural hair regrowth formula. This is useful for both men and women suffering from genetic or natural hair loss. The package comes in two separate systems; one is the topical lotion formula that is meant for direct treatment and the other is in the capsule form that is rich with nutritional substance. When combined, these two will promote natural growth of hair in quick time. The proper nutrition provided to the dead hair follicles restores life back into it and prevents hair loss. No prescriptions are required for its usage.

Ingredients: active and effective

The primary active ingredient is 5% Minoxidil that acts as the fertilizer to your hair follicles. It can also reverse hair loss and promote regrowth of new and healthy hair.

Another one is the horsetail silica that is the antihypertensive vasodilator drug that also stops hair loss and promotes hair growth. It also protects the newly grown hairs from breakage.

The common ingredients that are used in Provillus include:

5 mg of Vitamin B6
5 mg Biotin
15 mg Zinc
1500 mg Saw Palmetto

The proprietary blend consists:

Nettle or Urtica dioica
Gotu Kola or Centella Asiatica
Pumpkin or Cucurbita maxima seed
Eleuthero Root or Eleutherococcus senticosus
Uva-Ursi or Arctostaphylos uva-ursi root
Muria Puama or Ptychopetalum olacoides

There are also other ingredients that include:

Rice flour
Magnesium Stearate
Silicon Dioxide

Benefits: a cheaper alternative to surgery

Provillus happens to be the cheaper alternative to surgeries with the same if not better results.

Provillus Pros:

It facilitates fast regrowth of hair
It is simple and easy to use
It is easily accessible
It does not require any training for proper application
It provides proper nourishment to the hair follicles
It is natural
It is safe
It has no side effects
It prevent balding and thinning of hair
It blocks DHT
It adheres to FDA regulations


It offers no free trial
It is not available in retail stores
It takes time to show positive changes
May prove costly for long-term use

But all these do not take away its effectiveness.

Does It Work: from the roots inside

The working process of the Provillus supplement can be summarized in three easy steps. Firstly, it nourishes the hair follicles with zinc, magnesium, iron, calcium and vitamin B complex for fertilizing the hair follicles.

Secondly, it initiates new hair growth with the help of the minoxidil and the horsetail silica ingredients.

Lastly, it protects the new hairs from harmful substances like DHT and cortisol by forming a 5-enzyme alpha reductase. The natural extracts do not affect the genetic trait but only addresses the hormonal causes of hair loss.

How To Use: both systems combined

When you want to see the best results using Provillus you will have to use both the systems of the product combined. You will need to take two capsules every day as a dietary supplement but make sure that you do not exceed the recommended dose. As for the topical lotion, you will have to apply it to the affected area of your head. You will have to use it for at least a month without any breaks to see some positive changes.

Side Effects: none to claim

According to us who corroborates the manufacturer or Provillus, there are no side effects.

Natural Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Back

Have you been struggling with unwanted Hair Fall? Shedding hair may become one of the reasons which can make you lose your self-confidence and due to the unwanted loss, you might experience baldness. So it is important to control your hair fall in a natural way. There are various reasons associated with hair loss such as hormonal changes, stress, thyroid issues, nutrients deficiency, medical condition, aging etc. There are many methods to treat your hair naturally without any side effects. If you want natural hair regrowth for long and healthy hair, follow below-mentioned home remedies to control hair loss as well as maintain healthy growth of hair.

Curd Acts as a Conditioning Agent

The curd is the perfect ingredient which improves the growth of new hair follicles. Due to the presence of protein in curd, it moisturizes the scalp and treats the hair dandruff. The curd is a good conditioner that provides shine and smoothness in the hairs. In curd, add spices, like fenugreek seeds powder, lime juice, and henna. Curd feeds and nurtures the hair and scalp with natural nutrients that help in making the hair healthy and reduce the speed of hair fall.

Hibiscus Flowers for Hair Fall

Hibiscus flower is the great remedy for hair fall issue; it is rich in vitamin C, phosphorous, riboflavin, and calcium which decrease the hair loss. Take 150-200 ml of coconut oil and crush the petals of 3-4 hibiscus flowers and add into the oil, heat the oil until the quantity becomes half. Cool the oil and use this as a conditioner. Apply the infused oil 2-3 times in the week for effective results.

Eggs Reduce Hair Fall

An egg is the power pack of multiple nutrients such as proteins, minerals, and B-complex vitamins that are essential for healthy hair growth. Egg yolks are rich in lutein, which hydrate your hair and improve its elasticity and protect from damage. Take 1 whole egg and 2 teaspoons of Aloe Vera gel; whisk the ingredients in a bowl to get a smooth mixture and then apply to head gently. Leave it for 30-45 mins and then wash with normal water.

Apple Cider Vinegar Acts as Antimicrobial

The acetic acid in ACV makes it a potent antimicrobial agent. Microbial infection is the common underlying cause of dandruff which causes hair fall. ACV stimulates better blood circulation to the hair follicles that is vital for encouraging hair growth and preventing hair loss. It strengthens the roots and promotes growth. Dilute the ACV with water, massage your scalp with the diluted ACV, cover the head with a wet towel and leave it for 15-20 mins. Then rinse with normal water.

Curry Leaf for Hair Fall Control and Hair Regrowth

Curry leaf is rich in antioxidants that moisturize the hairs and prevent hair loss and thinning. It helps to strengthen follicles and keep them healthy. Take a handful of curry leaves and blend into a blender until you get a paste. Add 2 teaspoon of curry leaf into thick curd, mix these two ingredients until they form a paste of smooth consistency. Apply the paste to your scalp and hair. Ensure that all of your hair is covered in it from the roots to the tips. Leave it on for 30 minutes and wash it off with shampoo.

Follow Healthy Lifestyle

Include more of green leafy veggies and fruits, drink lots of water which flushes out the toxins. Practicing meditation and yoga reduce the mental stress and balance the hormone functions

On other hands, washing the hair too often removes natural scalp oil and makes your scalp dry, due to which your hair roots get weak. Best way to prevent dryness, you can wash your hair every alternate day and also prevent excess sweating by using sulfate free shampoo. Yes, hair fall is the serious issue you can get rid of it by following above remedies which are effective to prevent excess loss. In case, you are unable to get rid of hair issue, consult with your doctor, so that he/she can suggest you the better options

Hair Loss Tips

Tips For The Female Hair Loss Sufferer

I hope for this to be a constantly evolving list with other women adding their own suggestions that have helped them. These are a few that have helped me to try and avoid focusing on my hair loss and just live a more normal life.

1. Be positive and maintain hope. Everyone’s hair loss situation is very different, and yours may actually be telogen effluvium caused by some type of stressful event, or perhaps may be a temporary shedding due to a hormonal change. If it is not, you still must remain positive, even on the down days. Believe that there is a possibility of a brighter tomorrow.

2. Vacuum A LOT. I think the vacuum is the hair loss sufferers’ best ally. By vacuuming frequently you avoid seeing all your hair all over the place. The less hair I see on the floor or on the counters the better I feel, even when I am shedding a lot. Constantly seeing your hair everyone is just a frequent reminder of your suffering and doesn’t allow you to focus on other things (at least that is the way it is for me).

3. Get Rid of Your Shower Drain Hair Catcher. I’ll wait while you throw it away That thing is evil! Counting your hairs is one of the cruelest forms of self torment. I am guilty of it myself.

4. Invest in a sticky roller brush. I make sure before I leave the house that I’ve given myself a once over with those sticky roller brushes that are meant to pick up animal hair (I even keep one in the car). I do this because I would prefer to take the hair off my own clothes rather than have the person I’m with feel compelled to pick it off my back for me. UGHH. I hate that. If I was having a good day, that would ruin it for me. I once had a friend I was out with tell me how much hair I was shedding… gee thanks. This was early on in my hair loss and she had no idea I was losing my hair, but that certainly put a damper on my day. I also had another person tell me I was shedding like a cat, I think you know how the rest of my day went after a comment like that.

4 Ways On How To Apply Hair Treatment Using Coffee Bean Oil To Support Hair Growth

These days coffee bean oil is one of the most wanted oil for various anti-aging cosmetic products as it contains enzymes, vitamins and very high concentration of caffeine. Furthermore, coffee bean oil has a very pleasant aroma filling your mind with relaxing feelings. Apart from having an invigorating aroma, it also has a number of health benefits.

Among the others, it helps to increase the blood circulation. Hence it stimulates the hair follicles to speed up the hair growth. Coffee bean oil may be applied in many different ways such as direct application to the scalp, pre-shampoo treatment, shampoo application and rinse-out or leave-in conditioner. Coffee contains much more caffeine than tea does. So if you have problem with a lot of shedding then coffee oil should be your first choice to stop it in its tracks.

1. Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Apply the oil over your hair and massage into your scalp for about 10-20 minutes before you wash your hair.

2. Overnight Hair Mask

Massage the oil into your scalp using your finger tips and leave it on overnight for stronger hair.

3. Coffee Shampoo

Just add few drops of the oil to the shampoo while you are washing your hair.

4. Hair Serum

Apply a small amount of the coffee oil on freshly washed hair and style as usual.

If you have skin that gets red easily you may have sensitive skin. Before you use any new cosmetic product, you should always do a skin patch test first. A skin patch test is easy to do at home.

You can do the test in four easy steps:

1. Apply a small amount of the skin care product to either the inside wrist or inside elbow. Rub it into the skin thoroughly. Keep the test area small, just in case there is a negative reaction to the product.

2. Allow the product to sit on the skin for at least 24 hours. It is recommended performing the skin test after the shower, since you don’t want to wash off the product.

3. Throughout the 24-hours period check the skin patch area for redness, burning, swelling or any soreness to the skin patch area. If you do have these symptoms, carefully rub off the skin care product using cool water only. Dry it gently with a towel.

4. After the 24-hours, look at the test patch area. If there was no skin reaction, the product is safe to use on your body or face.

No need to spend on expensive hair treatment in salons and spas. The hair treatment using Coffee Bean oil is very simple and effective helping many to have strong and healthy hair.